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Testimonials - What other people think

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'Very many thanks for all your hard work in reaching this successful conclusion to the instruction. Another Bolton job well done!'

Suffolk Estate Owner

'Thank you for your contributions to yesterday's meeting. I remain in awe at the expertise and enthusiasm around the table both of which are very much appreciated - we are really making progress.'

Head of Business Services


'Many thanks David for all your help yesterday. Your prodding and pushing is doing a great deal of good. Without you progress would be painful. You are much appreciated.'

Cambridgeshire Business

'Thank you so very much for not only coming to Kent yesterday but your fantastic input into what was a thoroughly worthwhile discussion.'

Kent Farmer

'The Tribunal found Mr Bolton to be a convincing witness .... where his evidence conflicts with the evidence of Mr X the Tribunal prefers his evidence ... and considers them to be more realistic estimates than the figures produced by either Mr Y or Mr X.'

Land Tribunal Decision

'Both .... and I found your visit useful and stimulating. I have taken to heart your comments about yield performance and feel that my first practice step must be to improve establishment. All in all I think it would be beneficial for us if we could get into the pattern of having an annual “health check” with yourself.'

Suffolk Farmer

'From my point of view working with you is brilliant – not just interesting. Thank you for your contribution for Thursday. We should try to do this more often.'

Accountant - Humberside

'Thank you so much for coming down to Kent on Wednesday. I thought our deliberations were most valuable on Thursday. We have currently now woken up ………… and await their reaction. Your thoughts in due course would be appreciated. With our best wishes.'

Kent Farmer

'The partnership was set up in 1980 to avoid a tenancy. It now needs to come to an end. Can you help sort it out fully? I want my just and fair share of whatever is available. I know you can deal with this properly for us as you understand all the practical issues.'

Norfolk Farmer

'I hope you have recovered from our marathon. You will be as pleased as I was that .... and .... remain delighted with the outcome. I am sure they have achieved an extremely satisfactory result and that a great deal of the credit for this must go to you.'

Ipswich Solicitor

'Many thanks for your succinct appraisal of our farming enterprise - it is all too tragically accurate and as a consequence ... !'

Scottish Farmer

'Your visit has been pivotal in dragging me to face up to a problem that is otherwise only going to get worse!'

Wiltshire Farmer

'There was tremendous feedback ... and they greatly enjoyed meeting and talking with you.  It is the quality that sets the overall tone.  It is therefore terrific that you were able to give of your knowledge and valuable time.'

College Principal 

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